Boys WWII Birthday

My son has been fascinated with World War II...the planes, the uniforms...everything.

For his birthday, we decided to throw his a surprise WWII theme birthday.  Luckily we had some of my grandfathers foot lockers and uniform as well as a few modern military items.

We had some family members dress up in old uniforms.  Handmade cardboard signs were used to mark the HQ, Supply Depot and Mess Hall.

Vintage WW2 posters were printed and placed around our home.  

A hand drawn map of our place showed the location of the "supply drops" aka presents.

We used our porch as the main staging area. 

We played original WWII songs along with air raid sirens and bombing run sound effects during his hunt for presents.  

Resources to create your own birthday party. 

  • Google maps satellite view is a good resource for creating your own property map. 
  • VI Corps has music from the era that can be played on your laptop or downloaded for later use. 
  • You can find beautiful posters at The Cincinnati Library and Miami University
  • This site has great photos, resources and printables including ID's and ration cards. 

 Pinterest is also full of really great ideas.

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