Homeschool: Free Math Curriculum

If you are like most homeschoolers, you are always looking for ways to reduce the amount that you spend on curriculum each year.  The Mathematics Enrichment Programme is offered by the Center for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching

This free math curriculum was developed by the Hungarians and then adapted and placed online by the English.  This program was created to teach a group of children quickly and at minimum expense.  The Hungarians have historically rated at one of the top European countries in mathematics.  By using a mix of problems and puzzle like activities it requires students to analyze and process concepts in a new way.

The curriculum can be used as a full curriculum with teachers guide, lesson plans and worksheets. It can also be used as a supplement by using only the worksheets at a lower grade level.  Eveything is available as a pdf that can be printed.  Some of the older grade levels also have an online option that doesn't require printing.

Note: The grades run different than standard American grades.  Reception=Preschool, Year 2=Grade 1, etc.

Choose whether you need Primary or Secondary levels of MEP.  You can select Course Material which is completely broken down by year and all materials.  There is also an option here to go to the interactive online version; this link is also listed in the Course section under each year it is available.

We have been using this as a supplement and at a lower grade level.  Even at Year 2 you will be surprised at the complex questions in the practice books. Even at these lower grade levels, we still do a lot of teaching and assisting.  The questions in the practice book require a lot of complex thinking instead of the usual drill and kill in many workbooks.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Two of my kids have already finished their math for the year (Singapore) and I will be looking to supplement. I'll be taking a better look at this later!

  2. Hey cottage lover even my daughter have finished all basic maths lessons and I recently added some really great Individualized Tutoring for them from 2gainsville you can add that if you want.