The Season of Giving

Many people have seen this photo floating around Facebook and other social media sites.

The holidays are considered the Season of giving.  For many Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ and his gift to the world.  However, many other religions also celebrate around the same time of year with a central theme of giving and charity.

While we are shopping for presents for loved ones and friends, it can feel as though we are being charitable and giving.  Then, a photo like this catches our eye.  It makes you begin to ask questions and think about priorities.

I have always tried to teach my children to be giving.  We always pack boxes for Samaritan's Purse and give money to every Salvation Army bell ringer we pass.  But sometimes I still wonder, have I taught my children to be charitable and grateful?  When they are arguing about getting rid of old toys to donate, I wonder if they have actually learned the message I have tried to teach.  It can be very hard to teach children about hunger when they have never experienced it.  They grumble about doing schoolwork without realizing that other children will never have the opportunity.

Our family has always practiced restraint at the holidays; it is not unusual to receive gifts for items that you need such as socks or baking pans. I would like to think that we are not part of extreme materialism that is very common.  Still this photo reminds me even more in this season to be extremely grateful for all of our everyday blessings.

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