Christmas Decorations Project

I got very inspired after spending some time on Pinterest.  OK I guess in the interest of complete honesty I spent a lot of time on Pinterest; I am totally addicted. I saw these tomato cage Christmas trees everywhere.  They looked so simple yet festive.

You simply flip a tomato cage upside down and wrap it with lights.  I wandered out to the garden and dug a cages out from among the dead tomato vines trying to pick one that looked the straightest and least mangled.

After decorating everything else, I still had a few boxes of green lights and started on my little project.  Well I soon realized why they wrapped the lights loosely.  As I began wrapping I went through 2 boxes of green lights.  So I grabbed my two boxes of red lights and kept going.  Then I found a leftover bow and some unmatched ornaments.

So my final version doesn't have the sleek and modern feel of the original, but I still like it.

So I showed it to my husband not sure what to expect.  He loves decorating our house for Christmas but is not always excited about my projects.  He loved it....I was thinking that we would put it outside on the porch, but instead my husband liked it in the dining room in the corner.  I was very happy since truthfully I was planning on tearing it all back apart once I got "the look" .....the look that says "I acknowledge your need for a creative outlet but I don't agree to having that publicly displayed in our home" look.

So until next year I need to pick up some more lights so I can make 2 of them next year.

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