Indoor Treasure Hunt

Since the weather has easily been reaching the mid to high 90's, I haven't really pushed the kids to go outside to play.    However, it has been hard to make sure the kids are getting some exercise instead of just spending all day in front of a screen.

So....I took some inspiration from my parents.  Indoor Treasure Hunt.  This game requires a little time to create and setup, but the results are great.  The kids get the first clue and which leads to the next clue and so on.

To keep their brains working as well as their bodies, I made each clue a puzzle, riddle, rhyme or secret code.  This part took the most time.  However, I found a great resource at  They have lots of free downloadable hunts.  I took pieces from these to create my own hunt that gave something for both my 5 year old non reader and my 9 year old.  I also tried to order the clues to maximize the amount of running and searching.  

In addition to the rhymes, here are a few elements that I added.  

Secret Code - Key.  Each letter stands for the one above or ORYBJ:

A   B   C   D     E   F   G     H   I     J   K   L   M
N   O   P   Q    R   S   T      U   V   W  X   Y   Z

Riddles.  You can find these online or make up your own.

1. I am cold in the summer and hot in the winter.  Watch me burn! (Fireplace)

2. Can you find something which has keys that open no locks, with space but no room and allows you to enter but no go in?  (Keyboard)

Pros: Lots of running around and teamwork
Cons: My 5 year old became bored during the harder clues and the rhyming clues for the 5 year old were way to easy for the 9 year old.  

I will do this again when I have time to set it up.  However, I may do two separate hunts; one for each child.  I can use simple rhyming picture clues for the non reader and much harder riddles for the elementary age.   


  1. What a great idea for some inside fun! I've never thought about having a treasure hunt indoors!

  2. I just gave away a game called Scaventure Kids that was basically a huge deck of cards with ideas for things to do. If I remember correctly, the child picks a card, it has 4 "to-do's" on it, they pick one. It's a wonderful way to beat the "I'm bored" syndrome, & it doesn't require any work on your part!

  3. We've done treasure hunts on birthdays and even Christmas. The kids just love them! Fortunately my DH is *really* good at clues.

  4. Oh this is TOOO cute! I love it. I'm putting it in my mental toolbox for when my beloved day of mommyhood begins.