Flowerbed - Before and After

When we purchased our home, there were no flowerbeds or landscaping.  The first area we wanted to fix was this hill is next to the house.


This hill was weeds and something of an eyesore.  We played around with different ideas and finally created a large flowerbed on the hill.  


Of course, we are still battling some weeds and agree that it will always have a slightly "wild" look.  Plus, the hill is very steep the closer to the house so planting has been a challenge.  We are adding large amounts of mulch to retain water and improve the soil.  However, it is a huge improvement and will continue to look better every year as the plants get established and new ones are added.  Some of the plants include salvia, sage, mums, cone flowers, various mints, hyssop, juniper, butterfly bush, dahlias and lavender.

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  1. I think it looks lovely! I love the stone wall and fence!