Spring Flowers

The spring rains have made the flowers and bulbs so pretty this year.  Last year we saw about 4 flowers; this year we couldn't count the number.  Of course, it may have also helped that we cleared, weeded and mulched.

Since this property was once an old farm, many of the trees have flower bulbs popping up underneath of them.  There are 3 trees where flowers are appearing and we didn't plant any of them.  Once we saw that, I started adding a few more bulbs as they were given to me or moving some around from one tree to another.

We have seen daffodils, narcissus, and tulips.  There are also iris, gladiolas and tiger lilies starting to appear.  The view from my window is ever changing.

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  1. Spring Flowers are in full bloom at our house in North Portland. The Tulips aren't showing, but many others are. this site