Free Range Chickens

We keep a small flock of free range chickens.  We got them all as chicks and raised them.  We have a combination of Buff Orpingtons and Rhode Island Reds  The hardest part was letting them run free and day and return to the chicken coop at night.  It took a lot of treats and calling them to teach them where to go.  And yes, some evenings we played catch the chicken....

Then, we had the challenge of teaching them to lay eggs in the coop.  At first, they laid them wherever they wanted - flowerpots, pasture, barn, yard, bushes,etc.  It took a few weeks of training for them to learn to lay their eggs in the nice hay filled nesting boxes.

Now, they run around all day like happy chickens eating bugs and grass as well as the ration of feed we give them in the evening.  It has been a great project for our children as well as giving them some daily chores.


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