We have babies....

Family members don't get all excited. They are ...Chickens.

We already have a small little flock of chickens (I will talk more about them in the future).  But we decided in the interest of keeping good egg production we would get some more.  Well I only wanted 3 or 4 but we ended up with 6 little fuzzballs.  The four yellow chicks will be red hens that lay nice brown eggs.  The other two are a gamble.  They are adorable little black chicks but they may be hens or roosters.  Not sure what I am going to do with a rooster.  Hmmm.....

As always, it will be an adventure.  You can get baby chicks from a lot of places.  Right now you buy them at your local Tractor Supply store or your farm co-op store.  There are lots of hatcheries online that let you purchase directly, but you usually have to make a minimum purchase of 15 - 25 chicks.  Luckily baby chicks are pretty easy to raise, food, water and a heat lamp.  They do the rest themselves.  Before getting chickens, look at your local zoning laws.  However, a lot of subdivisions actually allow hens, but I would check with my neighbors first. A great resource for raising chickens is Backyard Chickens.


  1. We just got chicks a week ago, and I love them! We got five different types and I'm interested to see how they all change as they get older!

  2. We have 3 hens. We did have a rooster, but he was not friendly. But the girls are wonderful. Love those fresh eggs :)
    Becky C

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