House Upgrade: New appliances

As soon as we moved in, the first thing we had to replace was the hot water tank.  The old one was almost rusted through.  There are no photos because there is nothing fun or glamorous about a hot water tank (unless it breaks)

We knew that the dishwasher and over the stove microwave were broken.  If you know me, then you know that I am very frugal, possibly bordering on cheap. So...I did dishes by hand and used our old countertop microwave until I found what I wanted for a good price.

One day my husband came home and told me he needed help carrying something in.  It was a new microwave with a price tag of $549.  I told him to take it back since I wasn't about to pay that price no matter how cool it was.  Then he showed me the actual price he paid  - $55!  Yes $55.  He found it in the back of a chain electronics store in the open box section.  It was discounted for 2 reasons.
1. The manufacturer had discontinued this model.
2. The glass plate and tray in the bottom were missing.

We jumped on the computer and a couple of click took up to Sears Parts Direct. (They stock parts for lots of brands) We order the missing parts for about $88 and they were on our doorstep 48 hours later.  I now have a very cool microwave with lots of cool features like soften and melt.  (Can you tell I'm easily impressed?)

If you are ok with open box, there are a lot of savings to be had.

While the dishwasher wasn't as big a savings, we still got a good deal on it. So why did I pick this dishwasher?  After looking at dozens of dishwashers at every price point, I picked this one because it has lots of cubbies and trays to wash and hold all the unusual stuff.  Some of the racks fold down or adjust to fit pots.

Source: Frigidaire Website

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  1. Hello! Visiting from Blog Frog! I hate spending money on appliances, BUT I love getting them =)