Dogs: Ear Care

We own two chocolate labs.  They are fun, easy going companions.  They love swimming in the creek and playing around our property.

However, labs are notorious for ear problems.  They have big ears and love sticking their heads under the water.   Our vet has given us numerous prescriptions for our dogs chronic ear infections including giving them Benadryl daily in case it was allergies.  That just made for tired dogs.   Our older dog has ruptured an ear drum and had to have surgery on his ear flap due to problems from ear infections.

Well after using many products and prescriptions, we now have one that works well and doesn't cost a fortune to use.

You can find it on Amazon for $13.  This has been a great find for us.  We use it once a week for maintenance.

TrizUltra +Keto (12 fl oz)

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