Being a Domestic Diva

Someone asked if my blog was about being a domestic diva like an HGTV show in print.

Ummmm....Me? Diva?

I am not a diva and certainly don't have the wardrobe for it nor am I stylish enough or have fabulous hair.  This blog could just have easily been called "The Cheater's Guide to Housework"  or maybe "How to succeed at homemaking without really trying"

Most of my days are more just covering all the bases and trying not to break stuff along the way.  Have I mentioned I can be really clumsy?

This is not a blog about me showing how perfect I am  or my well mannered children or my immaculate, well decorated home.  None of things exist.

Additionally, I don't have the skill set to be a domestic diva.  I get tired just watching Martha Stewart - cooking, sewing, crafting, decorating, gardening, and designing not counting all the cleaning and chores.  Laundry is my arch-nemesis.

For those truly wanting to become a diva and needing inspiration, I did some research and thought I would share it.

"The wife of today can be a domestic diva too. No longer stuck in the 50's, domestic divas are making a big comeback. A domestic diva can cook and bake like a professional, clean almost everything from laundry stains to washing windows, decorate on a budget, prepare special meals, take charge of the family finances, and make homemade gifts and crafts."

Source: Ehow

"Choose a motto for your domestic diva style. Something like, "I will reinvent the ordinary and make it extraordinary" or "I want my world to be simple, sweet and sensuous." This will become the theme of your life and most of your effort, time and money should be devoted to its creation.

Assess if perhaps you aren't already a domestic diva and have just been too busy with the domestic part to enjoy the diva part. For example, if you've ever taught a complete stranger in a department store how to make a bow out of little pieces of ribbon or sent out invitations to a party you've penned in calligraphy yourself, you're probably already seasoned in the arts of, well, most everything domestic."
Source: Ehow 


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