The Act of Marriage

A friend once told me that they didn't think they could get married because they couldn't see themselves waking up to the same person every morning.

I jokingly replied that one of them would have to work 3rd shift to avoid this occurring.  Mr. Roberts gets up early and leaves for work every morning while I have the luxury of staying in bed a little while longer. Sometimes, I will get up and mumble something into his shoulder as I give him a hug on my way back to our warm and comfy bed. But usually, we don't wake up next to each other.  Problem solved.  Go get married!

Just kidding.

See, I don't think my friend's problem is one of commitment or timing but of selection.  I don't think they have found the right person, that one person that you not only want to wake up with every morning but look forward to growing old with.  You want that certainty that comes with knowing a familiar face will be there every day.  A person who has been your comfort during the worst of moments, a person who has been your greatest support during those moments of incredible joy.

Oh sure, there will be fights and disagreements, and there are no guarantees in life.  But through it all there will be that sense of commitment, that sense of belonging, holding steady and welcoming you home.


  1. What an excellent post. I couldn't agree with you more!

  2. That was a really lovely post and one I relate to very much. That comfortable feeling of familiarity is so very important.

    Found you through WOB Wednesday blog hop.
    CJ xx